Privacy politics

Privacy politics


Information on cookies

Brokers Polska Ltd informs, that on the needs of the service, cookie files are used in order to make the content of the service suitable for the Users and on the statistical purposes.

What are the cookies (cookie files)?

Cookie is an alphanumeric file (text file), which is saved on the the User’s devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) while using our internet page and actualised – during further visits.

How do we use cookies in our service?

Brokers Polska Ltd. do not collect data enabling to direct recognise personal data of the Users. Cookie files are used on statistical purposes (concerning the number of visits on our page) and in order to provide proper functioning of the service as well as improve matching of the content of the service.

Can I cancel or block cookies?

Yes, You can do i it any time – by changing settings of your web browser on the usage of the cookie files.

How to cancel or block cookies in different web browsers?

Google Chrome

You need to click on the menu button in the right-upper corner >choose the bookmark (pol. Ustawienia, eng. Settings)> Show advance settings. In the „Privacy” sections You need to click „Settings button”. In next section „Cookie Files” You can change following settings of the cookie files:

Deleting cookies

Default deleting of the cookies

Default acceptance of the cookies

Default saving of the cookies and website data until closing the web browser.

Internet Explorer

From the menu button (right-upper corner): Tools/Settings> Internet Options>Privacy, button Browser. With the slide button, choose the change of the settings and confirm with „OK”.

Mozilla Firefox

From the menu of the web browser: Tools/Settings>Settings>Privacy. Activate field of the Firefox Browser „Use the User’s settings”.

Concerning cookies, You need to mark – or not – position „Accept cookies”.


From the menu of the web browser: Settings>Preferences>Advance Settings.

Concerning cookies, You need to mark – or not – position „Accept cookies”.


In rolling menu, choose Preference and click „Safety” icon. By the „Accept cookie files” You choose expected level of safety.

Privacy policy

Information concerning the processing of the personal data.

Data Administrator: Brokers Polska Ltd., Warsaw (00-901 Warsaw), Pl. Defilad 1

Purpose of the processing of the personal data:

– performance of the contracts on IT services and maintenance of the buildings and supplies, provided by the Brokers Polska Ltd., on the basis of art. 6 ust. 1 GDPR regulations,

– executing legal obligations of the Data Administrator, on the basis of art. 6 ust. 1 lit. c GDPR regulations,

– resulting from the legitimate interests of the Data Administrator, on the basis of art. 6 ust. 1 lit f GDPR, in the scope of:

I. marketing purposes of the own products of the Data Administrator, including: invitations to participate in offers of certain services, informing the public opinion on realised and planned investments and shares in related entities etc.,

II. guaranteeing better transparency concerning searching and preventing abuses (f.e. of law),

III. establishing defence and the path of enforcing one’s rights,

IV. statistics, analysis and comparisons, models and other needs of the Data Administrator.

Legal basis of the processing of the personal data:

– Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation),

– Law on 10th of May 2018 on the protection of the personal data (Official Journal from 2018, pos. 1000)

– Law on 18th of July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Official Journal from 2002, nr 144, pos. 1204).

Recipients of Your personal data

– other entities providing services for the Brokers Polska Ltd. solely in the scope of mentioned service, pursuant to the contract,

– Entities providing advising, consulting, audit, legal services for the Data Administrator,

– Other entities – only in case of legitimate interests concerning:

  • willingess to achieve level of protection demanded by binding law, provisions, legal processes, or legitimate requests of public institutions,

  • detecting crimes and preventing from its occurence, as well as solving other difficulties concerning frauds, security and technical issues,

  • protection of possesion rights or the security of Data Administrator and other persons in manner demanded or allowed by the provisions of the law.

Moreover Data Administrator declares, that personal data will not be transferred to the countries outside the territory of the EU.

Right of the persons, whose personal data is the subject of processing:

– demand of removing Your personal data from IT services and acts (right to be forgotten). The right will be fullfiled by the Data Administrator, if only Data Administrator is not legally obliged to save them and process, despite issuing the right to be forgotten. The right could be exercised by sending an email on: rodo@BROKERS-POLSKA.PL,

access to the data (with the right to make copies of it). The right could be exercised by sending an email on: rodo@BROKERS-POLSKA.PL,

– correction of the data (right to update the data). We inform, that updating will not cause removing the personal data before making the update, which results from the obligation to maintain integrity of the personal data by the Data Administrator for certain purpose. The right could be exercised by sending an email on: rodo@BROKERS-POLSKA.PL,

– limitation of the processing of the personal data, including right to lodge a complaint on the basis of certain processing of the personal data in certain situation. We inform, that mentioned right would be exercised by the Data Administrator if only particular activity is not contrary to the binding provisions of the law, which oblige the Data Administrator to process the data. The right could be exercised by sending an email on: rodo@BROKERS-POLSKA.PL – moving the data from the IT systems for particular entity and to lodge a complaint to the Supervisory Office (f.e. Polish Data Protection Commissioner) on the actions performed by the Data Administrator in processing the personal data,

– filing a complaint – on the basis of Your justified, particular situation – on the processing of the personal data on the basis of art. 6 ust. 1 lit. e), f) – including making profiles according to the data. Data Administrator is thus not allowed to process the personal data, unless he proves the legitimate ground for the further processing of the personal data, superior to rights and interests of the person, whose personal data is being processed, or grounds for establishing, demanding and defending its rights.